From The Desk of Principal

I Dr.Sunita Satish Chavan Principal of Nalanda English Medium School under the banner of Dhareshwar Vidya Va Krida Pratishthan extend a warm welcome on behalf of our staff and management. It is a privilege for me to work along with excellent management members, our hardworking and sincere staff, our wonderful parents and our little ones to the adulthood group of students.

       Our aim is to develop our students to grow with positive approach socially for distinct talents, interests and suffice their educational needs.

       We provide an appealing and stimulating curriculum set by SSC board. We strive for high educational outcomes academically and non-academically with 100% result of our SSC batches back to back 3 yrs till date. Our teacher’s hard work ensures our students physical, mental, emotional and social development. We use innovative techniques, rich resources and proven instructional strategies to promote student learning. Linguistic, Mathematical, Scientific, Artistic and Knowledge etc. Knowledge is imparted in our school to suffice the curious, inquisitive minds of students.

       Our school has Marshal Commando Training to make our students physically strong and develop sportsman spirit within them. Abacus and Vedic Maths are added grace by our school for playing with maths at- ease. E-learning, Computers, Dance, Tabla, Music have helped us to shape our students interest in various subjects. Our students and teachers have added golden feathers by bagging World Record in India and Wonder Book of Record International by setting record of performing musical drama Geet Gopal Krishna with 1730 students and 70 teachers from age group of 3 yrs to 55 yrs.

       We work for imbibing values of respect, co-operation and excellence in knowledge within our students.

       Nalanda English Medium School is a friendly, vibrant, community-minded school, whose decisions always put our students first. We are very keen to involve our community in our learning, developing true partnerships that value each student. There are many opportunities for parental and community involvement. We hope that through your participation and interest you will also come to feel very much a part of our school. We expect you to join our family and be a part of our educational journey.

We look forward to meeting you soon.

Dr.Mrs.Sunita Satish Chavan

Dr.Mrs.Sunita Satish Chavan